Childhood – 9th June 2020

We had a team briefing before the group started, as it was Eric and Ernie’s first session on Zoom. Everyone seemed pleased to see them and they were very well behaved.

Today we were talking about childhood. We all took the opportunity to sort out some pictures of when we were children, and some people were willing to show the group what they found.

The polls this week were about being in school. Most people had not enjoyed their time at school and even more disliked school dinners (one agreed with me that the dinners were ok, except for the lumpy custard).

We all joined-in the discussions in small groups. I think David came up with another dubious story about his youth, but I only managed to catch his mischievous smile at the end.

Geny joined us again for a (mainly) seated yoga session.

You may find more information about Geny, including her yoga classes, by clicking the link below

The small group who didn’t join the yoga had the benefit of rather a long chat – Geny’s signal (from her seaside location) had a bit of a pause, so we restarted and had the full session. Thanks Geny.

Gyda have us a rather testing craft today.

We made a book by folding and cutting an A4 piece of paper.

It’s mainly for drawing your day, as it’s easier, but you can add words too.

Set up the book by writing the following: Front cover “Tell me about your day” and “Name” at the bottom – Page 1 “WHO” at the top and “WHAT” at the bottom – Page 2  “WHERE”  at the top and “WHEN”  at the bottom – Page 3 “AND HOW” at the top – Page 4  blank – Page  5 “THE  WHOLE DAY” at the top  – Page 6 “TURNED OUT” at the bottom. Then you can fill it in with drawings of your day.

Pearl entertained us with some songs. She sang the single bed version of “There were 10 in the bed” – this time there were only 6 in the bed.

Danny’s talk today was on the importance of daylight on our wellbeing..

Danny told us how daylight affects our circadian rhythm and helps with metabolising food. He advised spending time in the rooms with good light, maybe changing rooms throughout the day if necessary. He also advised of the importance of going outside, to get the maximum daylight and make a connection with the outdoors.

Here are two of Pearl’s best jokes.

There was so much to do this week that Lynne’s quiz has needed to be pushed back to next week.

Gerry recited the poem “I remember, I remember”

Roxana joined us on behalf of BLG Mind again. She had the chance to help a couple of people – and produce the best book in Gyda’s craft window.

The group ended with Gyda’s reflection piece on patience.

The group over ran a bit. We had rather a lot of people popping in and out – including another first for us – a Korean carer in PPE gear!

We had a break to prepare for the singing.

Our last song was very appropriate, given Eric and Earnie were with us. Tony had sent us his newly recorded version of “Bring me sunshine” at 2:39am today. Reflections, and our friends, are 24/7 not 9 to 5. We can all sing-a-long to this one.

At the beginning we thought it might prove challenging to fill 2 hours with our virtual Friendship Group. Instead, we are finding there is more than we can fit in each week, which is wonderful.

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