Claim to Fame / Something you are proud of – 4th August 2020

Janet and I were pleased to welcome more new members today. A mother and son joined us for the very first time and a long-term Friendship group couple finally managed to sort out Zoom and join the fun.

This session asked members to consider their claims to fame. There was quite a lot of thought, then…

Our group seem to have a limitless supply of anecdotes and claims to fame:

  • Meeting: Ed Sheeran, the Queen, and Boris Johnson
  • Teaching Chris Ewbanks
  • Singing on stage at the Royal Albert Hall
  • Meeting Eamonn Andrews
  • Appearing on the Paul O’Grady show
  • Having a tall handsome father
  • Meeting Chris Akabusi
  • Dancing (on stage) at the Orchard Theatre
  • Receiving a medal 50 years after his army service
  • Staring in a “Kwik-fit” advert
  • Being part of an audience for a James Corden show (and meeting him)
  • Doing an army assault course & swaming 52 lengths, for charity (in their 40s)
  • Taking part in Alan Sugar’s “Apprentice”
  • Meeting Linda Lusardi

Gyda was looking particularly well today.

She had us making a 3D star.

Mary was clearly full of enthusiasm.

Pearl popped up with the first of her tunes “Proud Mary” (for our two Marys) and kept the dancing going with “The Locomotion”.

Triple bill of Pearl’s wonderful* jokes:

* “Wonderful” was how our newest group member’s family described Pearl’s jokes today (and I have to agree : )

Gerry introduced us to “Stretch the centipede”:

Janet had a Things that Happened in August quiz for us. We all did well, but some group members were particularly good.

Gyda gave us some “Greatest triumphs”:

Even more next week.

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