Toys and Games – 18th August 2020

It was just too hot! The BBC said it was 32 degrees in Greenwich, but it was hotter in our Zoom room. Roxana told us it was hotter where she was (somewhere in Romania). Danny was cooler in Estonia. But, we agreed – it was certainly Hot!!!

All the group had fond memories of toys and games in their youth.

Lynne showed us a book she had found when she recently moved home. It meant a lot to her, with many childhood memories. Other group members had fond memories of yo-yos, dolls and unfortunate experiences with pots of white paint.

Lynne had come prepared today. As well as her book, she had a quiz and brought her support team – her grand daughters Brooke and Laila.

Gyda came up with a do-dah that we all remembered from our youth, but she couldn’t remember it’s name.

Brooke told us this was called a ‘chatterbox’. I looked up how-to-make-one on Wikipedia and found out it is also called a ‘fortune teller’, ‘salt cellar’, whirlybird’, or ‘paku-paku’.

Roxana explained a game she played when she was a child. It seemed rather complicated involving building piles of stones, knocking them down, generally running around and hitting your opponents with a ball.

Pearl’s fresh veg:

Pearl proudly showed us her grandson, Edward. She also sang “Michael row the boat ashore”, dedicated to Michael.

Gerry introduced us to “The games in my room”:

We are very pleased that Gerry has a poem for all occasions.

Lynne had a rather difficult quiz for us. Her support team ensured the quiz ran smoothy. We all struggled. The best marks in the first half was only 3+ out of 10. Brooke read the questions in the second half – they were intended to be easier, but I thought them difficult (I find all quiz questions difficult).

As we reached the end of the session Janet led us in “Tony Chestnut” followed by “Three Little Birds”

Gyda told us about “Friends”:

Watch out for pirates next week.

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