Pirates – 18th August 2020

We welcomed salty sea dogs, swashbucklers, land lubbers and our usual members to today’s epic adventure.

Janet and I got a little carried away with the theme.

But we were not alone.

Gyda had completely embraced her pirate-ness and Danny and Pearl were not far behind.

Dot seemed a little concerned about the Poll results – and I was not happy (I thought I was an Errol Flynn look-a-like.

The group split into different rooms for their own chats. In his room, our resident artist produced another masterpiece.

Geny was back for some more yoga.

We all enjoyed the stretching and relaxing. I had to remove my toucan for some of the postures.

For this who didn’t want to do yoga, Janet had an easy quiz (easy for those who knew the answers). Here are some example questions (answers further down the page):

  1. Did pirates have parrots on board their ships?
  2. Did all pirate ships have black flags with skulls?
  3. What is a crow’s nest and where on a ship

We all came back together for a quick craft with Gyda.

Gyda guided us in making a paper parrot.

Homework is necessary to finish them. We hope to see some finished articles next week.

I’m sure these crafts are getting more technical.

In addition to this homework, Gyda invited us to look at the chart below and, by next week, write our name in the secret code.

Pearl’s tune for a member of the group was “Martha my dear” (by Paul McCartney). Martha was pleased…

Pearl’s bed, Fins and tinned meat jokes raised the roof:

Pearl also gave us a reading about a pirate:

Gerry told us about “A pirate’s prayer of thanks”:

Here are the answers to Janet’s quiz questions:

  1. No, there were no parrots on pirate ships.
  2. Black flags with skulls were mainly found on Spanish pirate ships.
  3. A crow’s nest was a small platform for the lookout at the top of a mast.

Gyda gave us “Being honest with ourselves”:

The group members popped in and out during the session. Drinks and comfort breaks are expected. Even so, it wasn’t clear why Sharon was hiding behind her sofa – she managed to leap up for this snap.

We should have left the high seas behind us by next week.

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