Clothes and fashion – 25th August 2020

Style returned to the Friendship Group.

We asked which was the most stylish decade for fashion. The 1950s beat the 60s and 70s.

50s style, 60s pop, 70s mistakes

Everyone went off for chats in smaller groups. The conversations included revelations of who had worn mini-skirts and other fashion statements (like tank-tops and canary yellow flared trousers).

Gyda was not with us this week. She would have been very pleased that David had done his homework and produced these pirate friendly parrots.

Pearl’s tune for a member of the group was “Come on Aileen (Eileen)” (by Dexy’s Midnight Runners). It was good to have Aileen back with us and she would have been pleased with the song, but her audio wasn’t working. We did our best by singing and dancing along.

Pearl joked about drinks and a lift:

Pearl never disappoints! She had us singing along to “Dedicated follower of fashion” and “Blue suede shoes”.

Gerry gave us “Things people wear – from A to Z”:

Janet had a quiz about hats.

Although Gyda wasn’t with us she sent a reading called “Live your own life”, which was read by Janet:

Roxana told us the weather, where she was, in Romania was 35 degrees. We told her it was cooler and very windy here. She said she was not sure what to do with all the summer dresses she had bought for her return here. Life can be tough.

Next time we are looking at transport.

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