Transport – 1st September 2020

Gondola, cruise ship, balloon, Concorde? Our poll told us that 58% of members would like a trip on the Orient Express. Sounds like we could have a group outing (when we win the lottery).

Gerry explained that a crash in a balloon expedition, prior to the invention of mobile phones, led to a long wait for rescue! Fortunately, when it happened, no one was injured – and they got some nice photos.

Gyda returned with a paper balloon craft. Danny had just returned to England in time to produce the best balloon.

Pearl had a great tune for our person-of-the-day – Danny. We sang along to “Daniel” by Elton John. Danny was relieved it wasn’t the usual – “Danny Boy”.

Pearl presented a musical joke:

Pearl led the singing of “

Pearl also led the singing of “The big ship sails on the alley-alley-o”.

David read his epic poem on “Transport”:

Janet had another tricky quiz. We did better guessing the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ than the ‘Seven Virtues’. Adrian managed to answer the most obscure question “Who starred in the 1961 movie ‘Come September’ – for the answer, see below…

Gyda also spoke about transport:

Sharon told us about the Carers Centre cafe reopening on 7th September. She recommended anyone interested in popping down (and people were keen to go) should phone-up just before opening to get the final details of what was on offer and how social distancing will be managed.

Another good session and lots of jolly Zoomers. The answer to “Who starred in the 1961 movie ‘Come September’ was, of course, Rock Hudson and Gina Lollobri

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