Autumn – 8th September 2020

The evenings are getting darker earlier. There is a bit of a chill. I found a long-sleeve shirt, just for this afternoon. Roxana told us she has put her heating on (but she says she is still wearing shorts!).

The group said they enjoyed the crisp mornings and cosy fires in the autumn. They were also looking forward to getting out and about more as lock-down eases.

The polls had everyone thinking.

Janet led a discussion about how and when we might return to face-to-face group meetings. While some people were willing to consider coming together, there were concerns about how safe it would be. We will keep reviewing the options and proceed with caution.

Gyda had a fun craft – making a leaf out of paper and decorating it. We were invited to do some homework and bring back our leaf collections next week. Gyda also asked if members had any ideas for future crafts… watch this space.

Pearl showed us her knitting and came up with a property joke:

Pearl also gave us three songs including “Jenifer Juniper”, by Donovan – dedicated to Jen. Three of the volunteers had seen Donovan performing in 2016. His singing voice may have suffered a bit, but his stories from the 1960s were fascinating.

David read us another of his poems this one about Autumn:

David, as ever, had just the paintings to reflect the theme of the day.

David’s walls are covered in his excellent work.

Gerry’s internet had gone wibbly last week and we missed his transport poem. So, this week we had a double bubble: “Transport”

and a “Picture of Autumn”:

Janet had a quiz about Autumn. The questions had been set by Australians. There was some discussion about the accuracy of some of the official answers. The main point of disagreement was about what Americans call football – Lyne and Pearl became quite animated!

Gyda led us in a hand exercises:

and an Autumn reflection:

It looks like we will be practicing our hand exercises over the coming weeks.

Next time, as suggested, we will be looking at ‘Markets’.

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