Culture – 22nd September 2020

As Boris announced yet more measures to tackle the pandemic, we had a jolly time with friends on Zoom.

We chatted about events we had been to and those we would like to go to and see in the future.

There was a mix of preferences and experiences. Danny had been to many shows, but mainly to be with his girlfriend rather than to see the performance. Others had enjoyed musicals and plays such as The Mousetrap. Roxana had not been to anything of note.

Gyda continues to help us develop our construction crafts. As the architectural student, Danny might have some observations.

David showed us the florist stall he had finished as his homework. Mary was keen to follow Gyda’s guidance to produce a theatre this week.

No Pearl today, so Janet told some jokes instead. Here is a smelly one:

Lynne gave us another very testing quiz. Fortunately, there were lots of clues to each question, so I managed to get a few right.

Gerry took us to “Live theatre”

This week Gyda introduced us to a relaxation technique.

A muscle relaxing exercise:

We all felt better for a little stretching.

Dot and Jen seemed to be having a good afternoon.

We had a couple of surprise guests to finish off the session.

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