Myths and Superstitions – 29th September 2020

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We had our fingers crossed for a good session about superstitions. There was a steady stream of people joining us, with a total of “lucky 13”, plus our plucky volunteers. Touch wood no one was stressed by the tricky quiz from Janet covering myths and superstitions from around the world. There was some debate about whether a black cat was lucky or unlucky – we couldn’t agree, so we moved on.

David gave us “Myths and legends”:

Our knowledgable group pointed out that many myths originated with the Egyptians. Oddly, many people are not aware that Egypt is a country in Africa. We had a couple of superstitions from other countries. From Turkey, Gyda informed us a husband will know if his wife is unfaithful, as he will grow horns. Danny told us. in Estonia, it is unlucky to whistle in the house.

Pearl was back with some banging jokes. :

Pearl gave us three suitable songs: “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder. “Tie a yellow ribbon”, by Tony Orlando. And “Dorothy the dinosaur” especially for Dot. I think Dot was pleased.

Gerry (a man with 3 lucky horseshoes) told us about “Superstitions”

We sang-a-long to “Amarillo” and “3 little birds”.

Janet (check out the £2 hairstyle) stepped-in with Gyda’s text: “Each second is a jewel”:

And finally…

David had been busy with his homework. Here is the extended family efforts to build theatres.

Adrian produced his lucky charm. He was not sure how much luck it had brought him!

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