2020 Positivity – 6th October 2020

This week we were being positive about 2020 – and we found much to chat about – from the joy of exercise, saying hello to people when out and about, playing on-line games with others, gardening, walking, to Zoom meetings.

Gyda shared information about Nordic Walking. Lynne was keen to find out more and Chrissie provided more background and encouragement. We have a fit group!

Gyda’s craft this week was creating a mandala. The simple steps led us towards more intricate designs and colour. Our homework will be interesting – come back next week for the technicolour mandalas…

David told us to: “Think positive, be positive, don’t give in to gloom”:

Everyone was feeling positive, but it was joke time and Pearl was not with us. Would Janet make the grade?

Lucky Janet had a choice of jokes. Here is a short one and a longer one:

Lynne’s quiz was especially difficult, with scores mainly under 5/10. To perk us up, we sang along to “Accentuate the positive” and “Happy talk”. There was plenty of dancing and singing.

Gerry advised us to: “Stay positive”

More singing followed with Tony’s version of “3 little birds”.

Gyda suggested we: “Learn to wait”:

With neighbours calling, appointments etc. some group members slipped away slightly early.

For the remaining Zoomers, we still had to end before part two of Lynne’s quiz due to another overrun. Gerry thought we should go for quiz part 2, but the rest of us needed a cup of tea…

Next week is our Playlist for Life Musical Tea. You may see last year’s Reflections event here and the PfL website is here.

You may now nominate Reflections as your charity when you buy items on Amazon. Click here for more information. It does not cost you (or the retailer) anything and Reflections will receive 0.5% of what you spend.

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