Refresh and revitalise – 12th January 2021

Our members have been busy and have plans for the coming year.

The garden is the most popular area for a refresh – not least because gardening is calming and gets us out in the fresh air.

Cleaning and decorating were on several lists of things to do. We shall see how that progresses.

We welcomed Nikki, who is the new person at BLF Mind.

Nikki said she was keen on starting new hobbies, but the equipment often ended up stored under the stairs – this would now change… probably.

It looks like most of us will be excising more!

Gyda’s crafts

Gyda thought we would like a bobble hat. The keen crafters started immediately. Some of the team (me) will have to plan before starting.

David gave us his spin on Reflect & Revitalise.

Gerry said he would have a poem for us next week. This week he is planning to install a new shed.

Quizmaster Lynne had a quiz with a wide variety of questions

For example…

  • Who fell down the hill first – Jack or Jill?
  • What sort of a creature is a Mud Skipper?
  • Who wrote “Animal Farm”?.

Pearl’s best joke:

Pearl got us singing and dancing to “If I had a hammer” and “Right Said Fred”.

As we claimed we wanted to do more exercise – Gyda had us doing Chi Ball again.

David’s paintings

David has been using off-cuts from Gyda’s craft sessions to produce collages – then using them as a basis for paintings. A example is above on the right. We look forward to an art show from David when we eventually return to Shrewsbury House.

Gyda invited us to have more gratitude:

Next time – favourite songs from movies. My vote is for the king of rock and roll singing “The Young Ones” in the film of the same name.

Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save lives, Refresh & revitalise.

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