Tunes from films & musicals – 19th January 2021

We are a group of music lovers with eclectic tastes. Fortunately, we are happy to hear each other’s views on music – even if someone admits to not liking The Wizard of Oz!

Zoom is wonderful for those who can’t get out and about – such as people classed as “clinically extremely vulnerable” (like me) and “struck down with covid” (one of our Davids). David is improving a lot – but over-did it a bit today, so went for a lay down after saying hello.

Good news from many of our members who have had the vaccine. Some had minor side effects, but people are feeling much more positive.

Back to business. We asked about favourite film and show tunes:

Among “Others” were songs from Mama Mia, The Rose and GuThe King and I.

Gerry returned with a poetry reading:

People popped in and out as the meeting went on. Gerry had to go and check on his banana bread.

Lynne had made up a quiz from scratch. It certainly had me scratching my head.

For example… which films are these songs from?

  • Shall we dance?
  • Got to pick a pocket or two?

The people’s choice of Pearl’s jokes:

Time for singing and dancing as usual – then…

Gyda’s craft was a “Thank you” rainbow for the NHS.

The group’s choice of in-session snacks are always a puzzle.

Gyda exercised us with more Chi Ball and Giving compliments:

I showed pictures what the brain looks like before and after activity. It highlighted the mental health benefits of going outside (gardening, walking etc). So… the homework for this week is: to take pictures of when you are out and about to show where you are and what you are doing – email to me and we will have some examples next week.

Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save lives, have a vaccination.

You may now nominate Reflections as your charity when you buy items on Amazon. Click here for more information. It does not cost you (or the retailer) anything and Reflections will receive 0.5% of what you spend.

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