Achievements during the pandemic – 26th January 2021

As we expected, our members have been busy during the pandemic and even during the special restriction of the various lockdowns. Everyone had got to grips with Zoom. One couple had arranged international weekly quizzes. Pearl had been baking for neighbours – and knitting in every spare moment (including during our Zoom meetings)

Fresh air and exercise are popular. One member volunteers to organise Zoom fitness sessions. Janet encouraged people to do resistance training to retain and/or improve muscle strength and bone density.

We didn’t have a category for putting up sheds, but two of our members had done just that – and provided photographic evidence as part of our Tell and Show session. One of the shed men also found time to make Sloe Gin. Other activity in the last week included a Burns Night Supper, complete with haggis and all the trimmings. Janet asked “What’s in a haggis” – probably not a good question.

Gerry (one of our shed enthusiasts) on Lockdown:

We were on the verge of singing Happy Birthday, but saved it until the end. Singing on Zoom is tricky, especially with slight time delays. I had wondered what “cacophony” meant – now I know.

David read his tribute to Carole.

Lynne had a Catch-phrase quiz. Here are a couple of testers – who said “Hello my darling” and who said “Mr Grimsdale, Mr Grimsdale“. We all did well, one person (our haggis enthusiast) got 15/15!

The Pearl’s jokes:

Time for singing and dancing to: “I’m on top of the world” and “Reach for the sky”.

Gyda’s craft was making a Snowflake.

David had been busy again.

Gyda’s Chi Ball exercises are very popular.

Gyda suggested Staying in the present moment:

Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save lives, have a vaccination (I have).

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