Ailments & remedies of childhood – 9th February 2021

The chill was on – freezing cold, the snow everywhere. We were all warm in our Zoom windows.

Janet started the session with a reminder that, from this weekend, we will begin the Chinese The Year of the Ox.

Next was our picture “Show and Tell” interlude. We had photos of – Pearl’s knitted hat and an amaryllis – Peter and Janet’s 100 piece old fashioned shop puzzle – and J’s – snowy back garden, her beautiful orchids and Beware of Joe garden ornament. 

We started our discussion on the theme of the week by chatting about how we survived childhood illnesses.

Additional illnesses included: A’s rickets, he was in hospital for 5 years and didn’t speak till he was 6 or 7 – G had problems with her kidneys – C got head butted and knocked unconscious by a ram – D had his tonsils out.

We also had some additional remedies: R’s gran told him to put pepper on all his food and said he wouldn’t get a cold – P alcohol to quieten him down when he was a baby – M cod liver oil, boiled milk with onions & pepper – D orange juice from the clinic with a spoonful of cod liver oil in it – N an egg up with a squeeze of lemon and honey. 

Hospital stays seem to have changed a lot, as has child safety: D was playing with his elder brother, near the Sidcup bypass, when his brother fell on broken glass and had to go to hospital. D, age 4 or 5, was left behind. He managed to find his way home and was minded by a neighbour. The police were out searching for him for a long time before he was found with the neighbour. 

Nikki couldn’t find any red clothes, but her red tea was in tune with the Valentine’s colour theme.

Lynne took us through a Valentine’s quiz. Try these questions… In which city did Romeo and Juliet meet? and Why do some people tie cans onto the back of wedding cars?

Gyda’s had the crafters making hearts from strips of paper. Several members had completed their Bunch of flowers homework from last week.

Pearl’s Doctor, Doctor jokes:

The requested tune for the week was “One day at a time” We then sang and danced to: “A spoon full of sugar” and “When you’re in love with a beautiful woman”.

Gerry had a poem about child psychology:

Gyda’s Chi Ball exercises had us up, down and around.

Gyda finished with Buried dreams

Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save lives, don’t book a holiday.

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