Embarrassing moments – 16th February 2021

It’s Shrove Tuesday – anyone for pancakes? And… it is 50 years since we converted to decimal currency.

We are all of an age to recognise these notes and coins. No farthings – that would be too old for the group!

Our “Show and Tell” picture interlude is gaining momentum. This week we had 8 photos. These ranged from an enormous garage, that was in the (slow) process of being tidied – to a lovely bunch of flowers.

Our friends in the West Country sent this picture – apparently straw people are all around the local area – what a fun idea.

Sharon visited us for the last time today, she has a new job with the Greenwich re-enablement team. We must say “Thank you” to Sharon for her help and support – and joining in with the fun in the group. Gary from  the Carers Centre joined today and will be coming in future. Gary is a former punk rocker from the 1970s, so he should fit in well.

David had been busy re-purposing some of Gyda’s crafts to make a valentine’s card for his wife. He also showed us this 3D creation. A talented man.

Eventually we got to Embarrassing Moments. The group were full of these. For example:

  • M – tripped over, carrying 4 open bottles of wine down some steps in front of her bosses. She didn’t spill a drop or get hurt – she was too drunk to notice! 
  • J – when she was16, went to the pictures on a blind date to please her brother in law. Later she told the him what a drip the date was, at great length, the date was in the next room and heard it all. 
  • C – after a very bad and busy start to the day, arrived at work to have a difficult moment in front of her boss. He gave her the news – she had come to work without a skirt on!!

Janet substituted for Lynne as quiz master today. I found the February questions very easy (I had done the quiz last Saturday). The others got on very well too.

Gyda invited us to make pancakes – fortunately, no cooking was required.

Pearl’s Bees and more jokes:

The requested tune for the week was “Walk Tall”, Pearl also gave us “Waiting at the church” and “I only wanna be with you”.

Gerry – My embarrassment:

Gyda’s Chi Ball exercises class was full, as usual.

Gyda’s Happiness

The vaccination programme is progressing in the Royal Greenwich borough. The number of local vaccination centres continues to grow.

The Queen Elizabeth hospital is the borough’s first mass vaccination centre. On 1st March the plan is to use Charlton Athletic football ground as the second. For more information go to Healthwatch Greenwich.

Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save lives, have a jab

You may now nominate Reflections as your charity when you buy items on Amazon. Click here for more information. It does not cost you (or the retailer) anything and Reflections will receive 0.5% of what you spend.

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