First Bikes – 23rd February 2021

Boris has a plan – so we might all meet in person in the not too distant future…

But, for today, we were on Zoom and talking bicycles.

Our group had a lot of memories of biking escapades. Our friend in the West Country had stories of being a postman (bottom bike) and the miles of riding with a heavy sack of post. His other bikes had also done many miles of happy travelling.

Another member had come a cropper when distracted by an attractive young lady – he was riding his bike to work for the first time – speeding down a steep hill – and crashed into a car that he hadn’t notice had stopped. Oops.

We were told you could get a bike for no deposit, in the past, even an expensive one. Unfortunately, this one also found its way to the repair shop on its first outing. Our member saw her friends, took her hands off the handlebars to wave, hit a bump and had an expensive crash.

David’s first bike(s):

David is still the keenest of keen cyclists.

Lynne was back as quiz master. Here are a couple of brain teasers: “What is the largest country in Africa by area?” and “Which president has Richard Nixon as his Vice President?”.

Gyda had a crafty bike to make.

Pearl had to pay her bike off in weekly instalments. Joke selection:

The requested tune for the week was “Que Sera Sera”, Pearl also gave us “Daisy Daisy” and “The push bike song”.

Gerry should keep his eyes on the road when cycling – My bike and me

Gyda’s Chi Ball exercises class was popular as ever.

Gyda (who had had a green tricycle when she was five) told us about Strength:

Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save lives, have a jab (and a second jab).

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