Pets – 2nd March 2021

Pets are popular – especially with our group – from cats to snakes via tortoises. Some unusual pet behaviour included an Alsatian that jumped over a 7 foot fence and a black cat that bit people that tried to stroke it.

Our volunteers had some very friendly looking pets, which you can see below.

We ran our usual sessions today: homework, a chat about pets, quiz, jokes, songs, dancing, craft, poem Chi ball, and a reflection reading.

Janet was a bit slow seeing some of Pearl’s joke, but eventually… saw the funny side.

Gyda had a tricky craft – making a paper tortoise (based on Lynne’s pet). She also suggested drawing, and colouring-in a tortoise.

Pearl’s showed us her friend and shared a top joke selection:

Dot and Jen were seen enjoying the jokes – they are a tough audience.

Lynne (the birthday girl) ran the quiz, came up with some interesting facts and showed us her 49 year-old tortoise.

The requested tune for this week was “Top of the World”, Pearl also gave us “How much is that doggie in the window” and “Champion the wonder horse”.

Gerry is not a pet person, but he had a pet poem:

Gyda’s Chi Ball exercise was short, but fun.

Gyda (aged about 4 and her friend) told us about Accepting ourselves:

I almost forgot to show one of our top homework crafts…

Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save lives, have a jab, get ready for emerging from lockdown!

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