Childhood games – 20th April 2021

Everyone had examples of today’s theme.

Knock-down ginger was worryingly popular (more people admitted to doing this, after the poll). Some played card games. We had a picture of a boy playing Gudu – which is a mix of cricket and baseball. People remembered playing on bomb sites and having gas lights.

Some of the games resulted in injuries and trips to the hospital: a mum told us about her daughter (sitting next to her) “she was very naughty and was always getting hurt”. ‘A’ remembers breaking his wrist playing with clackers. Another member had 7 teeth out in hospital – went outside and bumped into a lamppost.

Gyda showed us a simple way to make interesting images from just a few pieces of paper, otherwise known as Tangrams.

Lynne was on quiz-master duty.

A bumper pack of Pearl’s jokes:

Pearl showed us her clackers.

Gerry gave us “Childhood games”:

It’s good to have Gerry back every week with his choice of poems.

Janet read David’s poem for Carole “It’s been said before”.

Chi Ball with Gyda was a gentle few minutes of stretches.

Gyda’s “What if?”:

Keep fit and healthy.

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