First homes – 27th April 2021

Always a popular discussion topic, and today we had a very good chat:

D – was in digs and then sofa surfing. 

J – bought their own house, in Charlton, which was unusual at that time. They had a cooker but no stair carpet. Then had their first baby.

M – left home to come to England in 1962. She lived in Forest Gate until she got married in 1974 moving to Plumsted, then Abbey Wood.

R – at age 15 had to leave the homes he had been living in with no money and no clothes to a hostel in east London. Then in 1951 he went into the army. 

O & L – L still in the same house. O left home at 12 to look after children. The parents thought she was 15/16. She stayed for 3 years just looking after the children. There was a housekeeper and a cook. She still keeps in touch with them. 

P – lived in a flat at the top of a house, then to Maidstone with first husband, who went off with someone, so she went back home to Bromley in the flat upstairs. Then she met P 

M – came from Yorkshire in wartime to London and have lived where they are now and across the road from where her parents lived. 

G & M – lived next door to each other before they were married. Then they moved to Surrey then Barnfield Gardens for 42 years and now they live in Maidstone. They married in 1969

G – moved down to London from Liverpool to teacher training college. Lived in halls of residence and digs. 

Gyda showed us a simple way to build your own home – at a very low cost.

And we had Gyda’s Zentangle homes.

Pearl’s jokes for today:

Pearl’s tunes were The Bay city rollers – “Bye Bye Baby” (RiP Les McKeown), Tom Jones “Green green grass of home” and John Denver “Take me home country road”. 

Pearl was also today’s quiz master. Here are some sample questions: ‘What do you respond when someone says “See you later alligator?”‘; ‘What is a baby goat called?’; and How many tentacles do octopuses have?’

Gerry reads: “The Old House”:

Back to our favourite fitness fan…

Chi Ball with Gyda helps keep us mobile.

and straight into…

Gyda’s “Falling asleep?”:

Keep fit, well and chilled.

We are interested to see the Oscar winning film ‘The Father’: “Led by stellar performances and artfully helmed by writer-director Florian Zeller, The Father presents a devastatingly empathetic portrayal of dementia.

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