Favourite things at home – 1st June 2021

Some people have a chair as their favourite. Others have ornaments bought by their children/grandchildren. The list stretched from a filled cabinet to a religious artefact. Gadgets were at the top of the list. The most personal was a video recorder for playing tapes of the family from years gone by.

We all chose something that had personal story behind it. The video tapes were something special, the videos had been created using their video camera and focused on the children growing up. The tapes were held up for the group to see. The content had been transferred onto DVDs for the family to use – but having and holding the original video cassette had meaning to our member.

We also talked about breakages in the home (and who was responsible). The story that appealed to me was that of the dog who liked a tea cosy – unfortunately, when he scampered off with the cosy, he also took the tea pot – he was so good at this he managed to break three tea pots. The family now us a stainless steel tea pot.

Gyda invited us to create a beanstalk and a caterpillar. By next we we have been asked to draw or write what we find at the top of the beanstalk.

The best of Pearl’s jokes:

Pearl’s tunes were:  “My favourite things”, “Roll out those crazy days of summer” and “Here comes summer”.

Gerry told us about “Souvenirs”:

Lynne had other commitments today, so Janet stepped in…

Janet was on quiz duty today. She was looking for words ending with “age”:

  • Mixed media artwork
  • Central structure of an aircraft
  • Equestrian discipline
  • Home for children without parents
  • Home buyer’s debt

Gyda gave us more Chi ball. I think we are all getting fitter – these sessions are certainly popular.

Gyda’s “Beaches”:

The week is “Volunteers Week”.

So, we say a big Thank You to all the wonderful volunteers who work for Reflections in The Friendship Group and The Carers Group. Also those making keep-in-touch calls to members, providing ad hoc help and supporting the web site . Thank you too to our volunteer trustees.

The BBC tells me – Covid: Zero daily deaths announced in UK for first time since last March!

You may now nominate Reflections as your charity when you buy items on Amazon. Click here for more information. It does not cost you (or the retailer) anything and Reflections will receive 0.5% of what you spend.

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