Radio – 8th June 2021

The group were and (mostly) are fans of the radio. Our poll started a long discussion about favourite programmes. Two way family Favourites, Educating Archie and Workers’ Playtime came up. After some chat we even found two fans of The Goon Show and Dr Finlay’s Casebook. Mentioning no names, but 86% of the group had listened to Pirate Radio. We even had a couple of people who had worked on Pirate Radio stations (never caught).

Three members have an unusual reason for listening to radio into the night – they have tinnitus and the radio sounds (LBC was popular) masked the irritation of ringing in their ears.

When chatting about the devices used for listening to “The Radio”, we went from Cat’s Whiskers to Alexa. We also had some comments about accumulators and acid. I had a look on the internet and this sums up the experience: ‘In the early 50s I remember riding up to the cycle shop to swap a used accumulator for a fully charged one, a glass jar full of acid! riding home with it swinging from my handle bars! And at no time did anyone say “you be careful with that now” !!! Carefree days’. Thank goodness Alexa etc only require a good talking to.

Gyda had a very quick craft – making a summer parasol. It was so quick we almost missed the photo opportunity.

A pack of Pearl’s jokes:

Pearl’s tunes included:  “Singing the Blues” and “How do you do what you do to me”.

Dot and Jen were very amused by Pearl’s jokes – as were we all.

Gerry told us about “Radio”:

We are all very pleased that Gerry’s poems are, once again, a feature of the sessions.

Lynne was back on quiz duty today. She had tough questions about radio:

  • What did Tonto call the Lone Ranger?
  • Which radio series featured the character Simon Templar?
  • Finish the radio jingle: ‘You wonder where the yellow went when you brushed your teeth with..?

Gyda gave us more Chi ball. Even in the heat, we were keen to join in.

Gyda’s “Doubt”:

Keep safe.

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