School holidays – 15th June 2021

Were school holidays too long or too short? For some of our group the “holidays” involved working. Others had lots of fun doing what they liked, without much supervision. They had some specific reminiscences:

  • R – In 1944 went to Sandwich Bay in Kent with 240 other boys from the orphanage he was in. They stayed in some sheds and swam in the sea, which was polluted with sewerage. 
  • A – said he helped his Mum with chores and gardening. He also had a milk round.
  • L – remembers going to holiday camps, and staying with her aunt and Gran. There was a cliff lift at Bridgenorth which they spent all day going up and down.
  • J – stayed in Guildford in huts They had food coupons that went missing so they raided one girl’s stuff, who they thought had taken them. J later on found her coupons. 
  • C – was off in the holidays straight to the stables with her sandwiches and squash. They were out all day. They played fox and hound. It was good fun and they had not a care in the world.
  • D – Enjoyed the freedom, running round the common all day. It was real fun and gave them independence No mobile phones. We made our own amusements and made us independent and mindful of roads and each other (had sense of responsibility).

Nikki, from BLJ Mind, is gradually getting out and about doing visits. They have a new person joining the team and will be able to be more active in the community.

Nikki was saving on her internet usage, so we only had a disembodied voice and her photo.

Gyda drew a flower with a thick outline. She then cut out the petals and filled-in with strips of cut up magazines. The group were keen, but the craft has tipped into homework for next week.

Quick jokes from Pearl:

Pearl’s tunes included:  “Summer Holiday” and “Come on over to my place”. 

Gyda’s “Focusing your multitasking”:

Keep well.

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