Positives from childhood – 22nd June 2021

Everyone had difficulties in their childhood, but they all would prefer to have had their experiences, than be a child now.

  • L – remembers children playing football outside her house ‘There were gangs of us’
  • D – his older brother looked after him. His big brother cut his leg near the Dutch House and was taken to hospital, leaving David behind. He found his way home and had blackberry pie at his neighbours  house. Also walking through Greenwich to Deptford Creek, there was a factory which the boys went in to mess about in but David decided to go home he was only about 9 years old. He said ‘ we did what we liked’
  • C –  her brother was paid six pence to walk C to school. But he never did. He also jumped into the deep end of a swimming pool (he couldn’t swim) and had to be rescued by the lice guard. Their Mum was  not best pleased. He was just showing off.
  • D2 – went out with his mates getting into trouble. Now we wrap them in cotton wool. If we did something wrong then someone would tell your mum or dad.
  • J – we wouldn’t back chat an older person. If you complain to parents nowadays, you just get abuse back. Now there’s always someone there to keep an eye on the children.
  • L – used to go to Epping Forest to catch sticklebacks – it was near a weir. 
  • J2 – was evacuated to a village near a farm when she was about 6 years old. She had a lovely  time.
  • J3 – was 5 years old in 1934 and spent all the war years away from home. She didn’t have a very good time Her brother looked after her. They had to work hard on the farm.

Gary, from The Carers Centre, told us their garden party now had a limit on numbers attending. They have a waiting list for those still keen to come. No one should turn up if they haven’t been allocated a place.

We are almost able to attend events…

Gyda had a very, very, quick craft. You draw a dandelion (in any colour) and make a wish.

More quick jokes from Pearl:

Pearl’s tunes were: “Roaring Twenties medley” and “Lucky Lips” (Alma Cogan version). 

Gerry “Our younger years”:

We were very pleased to have Gerry back – he helped out by reading the poll questions, a well as reading “Our younger years”.

Lynne’s quiz:

  • A group of Lions is known as a…?
  • What do pandas eat?
  • What is a baby goat called?

We listed to the group song: “Three little birds”, as sung by Tony Martin.

Gyda’s “Patience”:

Another jolly afternoon.

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