Thinking about Shrewsbury House – 6th July 2021

The Prime Minister said on Monday that he expected the final step of the lockdown roadmap would go ahead as planned on 19 July. This will be confirmed on 12 July, after a review of the latest data.

Janet asked the group what they thought about returning to Shrewsbury House next month. The view of the group, including volunteers, was that this would be a welcome move, but everyone would like to feel safe. Janet said that she would be leading a risk assessment and would come back to the group with ideas for how the re-start could be managed. Any further views/ ideas/ comments/ concerns would be welcome.

Group members had been busy again this week. David had ventured overseas (north of the Thames) to enable him to paint this picture of our side of the river. Others had been meeting family and friends, as restrictions have eased. Most people had managed to keep gardening (more on that in coming weeks).

Gyda had another very quick craft, cats on a wall. G seems to have finally found a craft I might be able to do.

The homework had been popular, our members obviously like butterflies.

Three of Pearl’s jokes:

Pearl had us singing and dancing to “Don’t treat me like a child” by Helen Shapiro Green and “Green grass of home” by Tom Jones.

I’m not sure if Dot and Jen were reacting to Pearl’s jokes or the tricky quiz from Lynne.

Quizmaster Lynne was back with a July quiz:

  • Where was the world’s first test-tube baby was born in July 1978?
  • In July 1960 a new star was added to the American flag. Which state does it represent?
  • Name the 14 year old Romanian girl who became the first female to score a perfect 10 in Olympics gymnastics in July 1976?

Lynne apologised for the difficulty of the questions, but explained that Janet had found the quiz (!).

Gyda ran another ChiBall session

then read “Expectations

We hope to be back at Shrewsbury House soon(ish).

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