Shops of yesteryear – 30th June 2020

We had a record turn-out for one of our Zoom meetings. We were very pleased that 21 people popped-in for a chat. There were also 7 volunteers, plus Sharon from the Carers Centre and Roxana from BLG Mind. A packed afternoon. Janet started us off with a question about shops we remember.

Not everyone voted, but Woolworth was popular, as were a few department stores from the local area such as Hinds of Eltham and Chiesmans of Lewisham. The Independent local shop remembered was in Liverpool – a “Pound Shop“, that in those days sold items for pennies.

We split into rooms for more discussions. As we chatted, we were pleasantly surprised to be joined by some new Zoomers who managed to sign-in for the first time. Roxana had a one-to-one with a member who wanted some advice.

Geny returned for some more seated yoga.

This week’s session was particularly popular. The group enjoyed the arm exercises.

Pearl had another couple of songs for us – I did like the Beatles tune “Penny Lane”.

Gyda was folding paper again, this time with glue! The result was a very tasteful bag.

I got a bit lost with all the folds, so it looks like more homework for me.

Pearl gave us golf and school jokes:

Janet had compiled her own quiz based on well known TV adverts from years ago. We did remember most of the adverts, but not all the details about the products and makes. The “Shake and vac” advert led to some singing – and I believe Sharon said she still uses it. 17/20 was the best score for the quiz.

Lynne was almost back – we are very sure she will probably resurface next time.

Gerry’s poetry reading was “The corner shop”:

We were overrunning as usual, but Janet managed to squeeze in “Three Little Birds” by Tony.

Gyda recommends we should be open to life:

It was time for tea, so most of us went home. It was great to see some members who hadn’t seen each other since the beginning of lock-down stay on for a bit more of a chat after the session had ended.

See you next time.

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