Sports & fitness – 7th July 2020

A busy afternoon at the Friendship Group. Fortunately, at least one member of the group was keen to keep us focused on the essentials.

Janet asked the group about whether they enjoyed their school sports. There was mixed feedback – Danny said he liked them because they got him our of boring lessons! We also had a poll about members fitness activities in adult life. Two people picked belly dancing, the others brought up cycling, dancing, running, Nordic stick walking and more.

Everyone went into their rooms for a chat and Roxana had the first of her one-to-one information discussions. Our late arrivals, who are Irish, took the opportunity to discus “Irish things” (whatever they are).

Danny led a discussion about how we have been using the information from his regular sessions on “Homes for Wellbeing”

Due the wonders of Zoom, Danny joined us from his holiday in Estonia. Here he is in the local swamp.

If you want to know more about Estonian swamps (or “Bogs”) I have found a guide here.

If you want to see more about Estonia read more here.

Pearl had lined-up some more great songs for us to sing: “Football Crazy” and “Walk Tall”

Gyda gave us our toughest craft challenge so far. With card, pen, scissors, and a lot of concentration – some of us managed to make a trophy cup. Gyda suggested decorating it with our own words/pictures.

I didn’t finish – so – more homework for me.

Pearl gave us football and golf jokes:

Janet had created her own quiz about sport. It was a bit easier than some of our recent quizzes and I managed to do well – but not as good as a couple of members who managed to get 19/20 right!

Gerry’s poetry reading was “Sport”:

We were pleased Lynne returned this week. We look forward to another one of her quizzes soon.

Janet led the sing-a-long and introduced a special version of Tony Chestnut recorded by the group’s friend Emma.

Nearly everyone joined in the sing-a-long-with-actions

Gyda tells us – peace is the only way forward:

Janet started the countdown to Reflection’s 4th Birthday Party next week. It should be fun, with special guests, new activities and Emma leading a singing session.

See you next time.

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