Reflections 4th Birthday – 14th July 2020

Janet and I were very pleased to welcome a record turn-out of group members, volunteers and special guests.

Our guest of honour was The Mayor of Royal Greenwich, councillor Linda Bird. We were very pleased that Linda had entered into the spirit of “dressing up and making your own hat” for the birthday celebrations.

We asked the group about their most memorable milestone birthday (winner: 60th) and their favourite way to celebrate a milestone birthday (winner: a holiday somewhere special). We then adjourned to rooms with smaller groups. Mayor Linda circulated the rooms and enjoyed a few anecdotes from members.

By 2pm it was showtime! We welcomed back Emma – the group’s friend and the person who, without the pandemic, would have been running our Reflections Singing Group since March 2020.

Emma led us in some warm-up exercises, then ran through a wide selection of sing-a-long tunes.

The group’s energy rose and we started to dance. The mayor was jiving with her partner Tom – and they were not alone.

Emma sang happy birthday to us and we sang happy birthday to her. She has a special birthday next week.

Gyda was very busy today. In this spot she gave us instructions on making a simple hat and encouraged us to be creative with decorating it.

I was slightly distracted by Gyda’s belly dancing outfit…

Pearl joked about cows and horses:

There was no time for quizzes or any shenanigans as time was pressing…

Gerry said thank you via the poem “Friendship”:

We tried some clever Zoom options – like sharing our Treasure Map, created by Gyda.

Gyda ran our first ever interactive on-line treasure hunt. We were given a series of rhyming clues to the locations of the candles we needed to collect (in the right order).

The Hunt was popular and, to Gyda’s surprise, the group asked for more interactive activities in the future.

It was a very busy afternoon

Gyda gave us “Gratitude” to reflect on, at the end:

Janet thanked the group members, guests and volunteers for coming today and their support in making Reflections the success it is. We all thank Janet for her hard work, inspiration and leadership.

Here’s to another successful year for Reflections.

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