Books – 21st July 2020

Janet and I were very pleased to welcome a new member to the group today. We are keen for more new members to join us – if you are interested and want to know more, please contact us on 07981 741 499.

This session focused on books and reading. First, we asked early arrivers at the group about reading at school and in later life. There was a quick and lively response.

Our final poll was about books members would recommend. By this time there were more people participating and they not only came up with names – but some also had books to hand.

A couple of members said they could not settle to read, as their partners kept interrupting them. Others came up with further recommendations:

  • Diane Settafield – “Once upon a river”
  • Anything about Mary Queen of Scots
  • Various authors – “The family poetry book”
  • Evelyn Waugh – “Brideshead revisited”
  • F Scott Fitzgerald – “The Great Gatsby”
  • Danny Ellis – “Boy at the gate”
  • Karen Casey – “The promise of a new day”
  • Alan Moore – “Watchmen”

Geny then arrived to stretch us and chill us out.

Zoom turbulence meant we lost Geny for a couple of minutes, but she picked up where she left off – and we were away again.

The non-yogis spent the time discussing their gardens. Our resident artist had produced another masterpiece.

We all came back together for a quick craft with Gyda.

Gyda had us making a bookmark.

I was a bit slow again – so – more homework!

Gyda invited the group to decorate their bookmarks and bring them back next week.

Pearl popped up with the first of her tunes with a name of a member of the group. We all sang “Oh! Carol” (by Neil Sedaka) to Carole. She was most pleased… Next week another tune (incidentally, does anyone know a song with Peter in the title?)

Pearl’s twister joke:

Janet had a book themed quiz ready for us. Our newest member did very well. If we ever set up a Reflections quiz team, I think we have at least one member with a good knowledge of books.

Gerry said “I opened a book”:

Gerry told us he joins his extended family online for quizzes each week. He didn’t take much persuading to agree to come up with a quiz for us next week. I hope it’s not too difficult.

Gyda gave us “Choices”:

More next week.

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