Childhood activities – 11th May 2021

The full title of the session was “Things you did as a child that you wouldn’t do as an adult”.

As usual, we had a pole. This time we found there were a lot of thing our group members would not be doing now:

In the ‘Other’ category we had: J climbed a long rope after a gym lesson when the teacher had left. She wasn’t supposed to, and found it was very dirty towards the top, the dirt attached to her clothes and she wasn’t popular when she got home. – C was a good climber, but doesn’t climb trees anymore. – M was a tomboy, climbing anything especially if she was dared. When 8 months pregnant (in her twenties) she climbed a tree to cut some branches down. And, when playing blind mans buff she hit the bridge and fell 6 to 8 feet onto a field, luckily she didn’t fall in the nearby rocky river.

Last week’s card making had proved very popular a homework. Here are a few examples:

Not to be outdone, Gyda showed us how to make a simple picture frame out of a single pice of paper. Simple!

Another successful 5 minute craft.

Pearl didn’t let technical difficulties interrupt the jokes:

Lynne’s quiz was tricky, but Team Dot & Jen managed to get 10/10.

Gyda’s “Moments”:

A few of us admitted to having been Cub/Scouts/Brownies/Guides/Adventure Scouts. Only David had the photographic evidence:

The group told us a few stories, which gave the impression, when young, they had a problem with authority. Rebels!

We all look forward to the further easing of restrictions and Boris telling us we can hug again.

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