A day at the seaside – 18th May 2021

Some people may be flying off to Portugal, but we were happy talking about the seaside in the UK. That is apart from our member who comes from Portugal, and used to live near a really lovely beach.

I was rather sad that ‘The sea‘ and ‘Donkeys‘ weren’t more popular.

In the the “Other” category… C – enjoys playing cricket and picnics and making sand sculptures. She used to take her horse to the seaside. J – likes paddling, collecting shells and the sea food stall. She used to go cockling and took them back to the caravan for her Mum to cook.

Gyda invited us to draw a list of seaside items. The speed of the session resulted in enthusiastic doodling rather than artistic masterpieces – here is Pearl’s effort. I love it!

Gyda’s Letter craft – wrapping the paper letter in coloured paper or wool.

Next was “Yes” or “No” quiz time…

Lynne’s quiz was tricky, as usual. No answers here – these are the easy questions.

Pearl’s jokes that nobody knows:

Pearl’s tunes were: “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside” and “Walking back to happiness“. 

Gyda’s “Pausing in the oasis of silence”:

While the group was on we had sunshine and showers – a good day to stay in on Zoom.

Our conversations ranged from growing seeds to Shove Ha’penny boards – not forgetting our couple who had just featured on’Songs of Praise’. A range as eclectic as ever.

Keep safe and keep healthy.

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