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October 2022: Help needed for carers

September 2022: RiP QEII

August 2022: Heatwave

July 2022: Vision and perception

June 2022: Summertime

May 2022: Mental awareness week

April 2022: Not so Strong and Steady

March 2022: Confusion and doorbells

February 2022: Valentine’s Day

January 2022: New Year

December 2021: Difficult times

November 2021: Carer stress

October 2021: Stress

September 2021: The group gets busier

August 2021: On Zoom

July 2021: Zoom or Shrewsbury House?

June 2021: A full group

May 2021: Yoga Nidra

April 2021: Sad news

March 2021: end of lockdown approaching

February 2021: Care homes and covid

January 2021: Vaccinations

December 2020: Dementia Action Group feedback

November 2020: Lockdown reruns

October 2020: Care homes again

September 2020: Dementia Adventure; Stress; Holidays

August 2020: Clinical trial; Visiting care homes; Where’s my money?; Laptop in a trolly; Changes to council funding; Using pictures

July 2020: Stress; visiting a care home; Language; The Alzheimer’s Show 2020

June 2020: Hospital Covid-19 discharge procedures; Mums; Pills, Tips on staying well (leaflets)

May 2020: Finding a paid carer; Funerals; Drugs; Staying in & going out

April 2020: Online meeting: coping with the impact of coronavirus

March 2020: Mind dementia support arrives in Greenwich; Direct payments; Continuing Care, Vertigo (or not); The Gems model

January 2020: Hospital visit, Long distance travel

December 2019: More behavioural issues, Transition to care homes and Who is in the mirror?

November 2019: Behaviour, Travel and hospitals

October 2019: No group – meeting of Tatiana, Janet & Peter

September 2019: More ACT – What to do in a crisis

August 2019: CBT & ACT; Denial

July 2019: More on Playlists; Two weddings; Issues with care homes

June 2019: Virtual dementia tour; Playlist for Life; Mind Game game

May 2019: Armchair Travel ideas; Alzheimer’s Show; Vision Call service; Dementia Carers Count courses; Chimp Paradox book; Respite Care link; Continuing Care link; Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Care link

April 2019: Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) link; My Life Films link; Unforgettable products; Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) Diagnosis, House of Lords discussion link

March 2019: Seeking Calm in Your Busy Day link; The Armed Forces Charity (SSAFA) link; British Legion link

February 2019: GPS Trackers link; Sundowning link; Services links; Lasting Power of Attorney link; Alzheimers Society Talking Point link

January 2019: Care Quality Commission link; Greenwich Adult Support Services link; Carers Needs Assessment link; Oxleas Services link; Counselling NHS link