Friendship Group Blogs


28th March: Jamie

14th March: Tony

28th February: Vikki

14th February: Julian

31st January: Jamie

17th January: Mark Sedgwick

3rd January: Tony


6th December: Vikki – Christmas party

22nd November: Julian

8th November: Jamie

25th October: Vikki

11th October: Tony

27th September: Jamie

13th September: Tom

30th August: Julian

16th August: Tony

2nd August: Vikki

5th July: Jamie

21st June: Tony

7th June: Vikki

24th May: Julian

10th May: Jamie

26th April: Vikki

12th April: Tony

29th March: Julian

15th March: Jamie

1st March: Vikki

15th February: Tony

1st February: Julian

18th January: Jamie does Rock n Roll

4th January: Happy New Year with Tony


7th December: Christmas party with Vikki

9th November: Jamie

26th October: Halloween with Tony

12th October: Vikki

28th September: Jamie

14th September: Tony

31st August: Elvis

17th August: Jamie

3rd August: We’re back!

27th July: Flower and produce

20th July: Looking back on Zoom

13th July: Reflections 5th Birthday

6th July: Thinking about Shrewsbury House

29th June: A meal with famous people

22nd June: Positives from childhood

15th June: School holidays

8th June: Radio

1st June: Favourite things at home

25th May: Favourite colours

18th May: A day at the seaside

11th May: Things you don’t do now

4th May: Weddings

27th April: First homes

20th April: Childhood games

13th April: Favourite TV programmes

6th April 2021: Pop stars

30th March 2021: Ambitions and regrets

23rd March 2021: Memorable teachers

16th March 2021: First holidays

9th March 2021: Mothers

2nd March 2021: Pets more on pets here

23rd February 2021: First bikes

16th February: Embarrassing moments

9th February: Ailments & remedies of childhood

2nd February: First wages

26th January: Achievements during the pandemic

19th January: Tunes from films and musicals

12th January: Refresh and revitalise

5th January: New Year resolutions


15th December: Panto

8th December: Christmas traditions

1st December: First cars

24th November: Going out

17th November: Sayings

10th November: Celebration food

3rd November: Happy surprises

27th October: Halloween

20th October: First jobs

13th October: Musical Tea

6th October: 2020 positivity

29th September: Myths & superstitions

22nd September: Culture

15th September: Markets

8th September: Autumn

1st September: Transport

25th August: Clothes and Fashion

18th August: Pirates

11th August: Toys and Games

4th August: Claim to fame/Something you are proud of

28th July: Movies

21st July: Books

14th July: Reflections 4th Birthday

7th July: Sports and fitness

30th June: Shops of yesteryear

23rd June: Pets

16th June: Holidays

9th June: Childhood

2nd June: Cooking

26th May: Hobbies

19th May: Music

12th May: Flower power

5th May: VE Day

28th April: Roxana BLG Mind

21st April : Shoe time

14th April: Online, sponsored by the colour red

7th April: Online, but with hats

31st March: Friendship Group Online

3rd March: Emma & Julian

18th February: Viki

4th February: Emma and Tony

21st January: Andrew round two

7th January: Welcome to 2020 with Emma and Jamie


10th December: Christmas-ish

26th November: Viki and Emma return to sing

12th November: Jamie’s American Adventure

29th October: Tony’s Happy Halloween

15th October: Julian’s first performance

1st October: Jamie & Musicals

3rd September: Jamie returns

20th August: Emma and a Beatle

6th August: More of Tony

23rd July: Tony plays in the heatwave

9th July: Birthday party with the mayor and mayoress

25th June: Pearly Queens

11 June: Tony – popular as ever

28 May: The delightful Viki returns

14 May: Jamie at the Movies

30 April: Time for Tony

16 April: Elvis is in the building

2 April: Jamie rocks the House